CK Pharmacy
126 N. Walnut

A wide variety of gifts, sundries, cards and much more!
Local full service pharmacy in the store.

  Peabody Hardware & Lumber
124 N. Walnut

From tools to lumber, Peabody Hardware & Lumber is an old fashioned local hardware store for all your project needs.

  Flint Hills Gypsies
111 N. Walnut

Undoubtedly the most unique store for miles around, Flint Hills Gypsies features works by local artisans and much more.

  Peabody Market
208 N. Walnut

This store features an old fashioned meat counter, deli, fresh produce, video rentals, and so much more.

  Peabody Sausage House & Locker
9th & Walnut

The home of Grannie's Homemade Mustard, the sausage house offers pretty much everything meat related

Dollar General
703 E. Ninth

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